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Download Bollywood movie Like Stars on Earth

At first I listen the story of this movie from my friend because she had watched this movie for the several time and she told me that this movie is so amazing to watch that you will love to watch. She said me that this movie will entertain you so much by its humor and this contains so much of fun and that. My friend had told me that she had downloaded this movie from the help of an app vidmate vidmate helped her a lot to download this movie. She had told me also that she had to faces many problem in downloading this movie, at first she was also looking for an app and website which will help her to download movies from them but she doesn't get that app so easily. She was telling me that,  you would not feel bored, while watching this movie this will entertain you enough by every of its scene.

My friend was telling me the story of this movie but I was not interested to listening that, because I was interested in downloading that movie I can watch it later because at that time I didn't have interest in listening the story of movie but having the story about downloading it because I wanted to watch it according to my schedule in my free time anytime and anywhere. So I just wanted to download this movie and didn't want to hear the story of it. So I stopped my friend in between when she was telling me the story of this movie in such a dramatic way , that I was enjoying.
Then she said me about vidmate app that she had also downloaded this movie with the help of vidmate app and she suggested me that app to download in my device so that it will make me able to download such movies like that from it. As I have downloaded this movie successfully with the help of vidmate app so here I would like to say something about vidmate App so people will also download this in their device.

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